Account Set Up

To get started you need to sign up for our call list. We fill all our calls with the program What you need to do is create your own profile on CallSteward. To do so, please go to and create a profile and fill out your skills set. I always suggest that new people make sure to add “hand, hand Orpheum, change over, expo, pusher” to their skills. Large concerts only ask for hands, they do not break down departments, change overs and expos are easy to teach. These are entry level jobs, and allow one to build up hours faster.

How much anyone works depends greatly on what work is available. There maybe some busy times and then there maybe long stretches with no work.

To help me understand your skill set, please feel to send me a resume. This doesn’t have to be a formal resume, but it would be helpful to have where you have worked and who with. You can send it to

Also if you are a member of IATSE, please let me know which Local you are a member of.