Member Log In

To view some of the member info pages or posts, you must log into the website. If you are a member of IATSE Local 251 AND do not have an account, you’ll need to create an account and wait for approval from a site administrator.

To create an account, follow the steps below.

Creating an Account

  1. Visit the login page.
  2. Near the bottom of the screen is a link to register. After clicking on the link, you’ll be prompted to enter your Username and E-mail address. Since only members of IATSE Local 251 will be approved, please enter a user name and email address that will be easily recognizable so your account can be approved.
  3. After clicking on Register your user account will be reviewed by the site administrators. Once it has been approved, a login password will be emailed to you.

Logging In for the First Time

  1. When you receive your password, visit the login page. This link will also be in the email you received.
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    After logging in you’ll be taken to a dashboard and shown your user profile. You’ll need to change your password (as indicated with the pink warning message across the top of the screen). Near the bottom of the screen (you may need to scroll down to see them) are the fields to update your password (highlighted in red in the screenshot to the right). You’ll need to enter a password that the system rates as strong. Use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation.

  3. After entering your new password and receiving a green strong indicator, you must save your changes by clicking on the Update Profile button just below the password section.
  4. To return to the website, in the top left corner of the screen it says IATSE Local 251. Click on that (or on the little pop-up menu item that will appear that says “Visit Site”) and you’ll return to the public website and be able to see the posts that are for members only.
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Logging In in the Future

  1. Visit the login page and enter your username and password.
  2. You’ll be taken to the dashboard. Click on IATSE Local 251 in the top left corner of the screen (or the Visit Site link that will appear when you hover over IATSE Local 251) to return to main website.