South Central Federation of Labor 2017-2018 Scholarship Application

The South Central Federation of Labor offers scholarships to members and their families. Members and children of members who belong to any of our affiliated unions, live or work in one of our six counties, have not yet received a post-secondary degree, and have not previously been awarded a SCFL scholarship are eligible to apply.  We award four $1000 scholarships, by lottery drawing from amongst the eligible applicants.  The application deadline is Friday, June 30 and the winners will be drawn at our July 3rd Executive Board meeting.

In addition, for members or children of members who live or work in Dodge County, we are offering two additional $500 scholarships.   These scholarships will also be determined by lottery drawing from amongst Dodge County applicants who do not win the $1000 scholarships.

Applicants can download the forms from our website ( or download from the link below, fill them in on their computer, save and email them to, if they prefer.

SCFL Scholarship Application

The first annual Joe McWilliams Scholarship winner has been announced!

Pictured below are J.C McWilliams(right) and Plaegian (McWilliams) Alexander(left) presenting Local 251 member Matt Rockwell(center) with a $1000 scholarship check.  Local 251 is forever grateful for all the contributions Joe made and is continuing to make to help improve the lives of Local 251 members.

Matt Rockwell receiving the first Joe McWilliams scholarship!

Matt Rockwell receiving the first Joe McWilliams scholarship!

Statement from IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb on Supreme Court Marriage Equality Decision

“Today’s Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage is a victory for civil rights, and therefore human rights and worker rights. It is a truly historic moment. We are grateful for those who have fought hard for this right and are especially proud for our LGBTQ members.

We must remember that the fight is not over for full equality for LGBTQ individuals. Workers still face unfair discrimination and risk job termination because of who they love. As advocates for workplace safety and equality, we know these protections are important.

All workers deserve fair treatment and respect on and off the job. We stand proudly as allies for the LGBTQ fight for full equality in this country.”

– Matthew D. Loeb, IATSE International President

Source: IATSE Website (Friday, June 26, 2015)

Stop Fast Track


Fast Track legislation shrouds trade deals in secrecy. It makes it nearly impossible for Congress to fix trade deals that harm our economy and environment. It prevents citizens from providing input to proposals while the deal is being negotiated. It makes you wonder what they’re trying to hide.

For more details and to sign the petition, visit the International’s website.

Overture Hall Orientation and Basic Theater Class

Come and learn how to get around Overture Hall, and pick up some basic and important theater knowledge.

Overture Hall’s Master Carpenter, Dave Gershbach and Master Electrician, Gary Cleven will be leading a general orientation of Overture Hall and teaching some basic skills that will help you be a successful stage hand when working in Overture Hall.

If you’ve ever wondered what the “Gary” room is or how to get to the catwalks come and find out.

Class is February 26th at 6pm in Overture

To register please contact Dominic Stryker at

There is no charge for this class.

This class is for people who have little experience in the theater and specifically Overture Hall but are interested in being prepared when the opportunity to work in Overture Hall arises.

Please spread the word!!

Identity Theft Protection Information from Anthem

Anthem has issued this press release release with information about Identity Theft Protection options that they’ll be offering. Anthem members will be receiving this information via mail as well according to the press release.

After the Anthem Hacking, Be Aware of Phishing Scams

Hackers are already sending official looking emails (ie. they look like they are from Anthem, but aren’t) in a phishing scam to get more personal data from people. The emails will usually contain a link to take you to a website that will then ask for personal data. Don’t click the link. Even if you don’t do anything but click the link, just visiting their website may be enough to infect your computer.

Here’s an article with more details on what to watch for:

A very simple precaution to take when you receive emails from your bank, insurance companies, etc is to never click on any links in the email to “log in to their website.” If you need to log in to their website, type in their URL or go to the website using a URL you know, instead of the one supplied in the email. Yes, most of the emails are probably legit and contain safe links, but the phishing emails will look almost identical to the real email with the small change of where the link takes you. Be safe and type in your own URLs and save them as favorites or bookmarks. Typing them in is very easy, and (I know for a fact this works with Chrome) if they are bookmarks and you start typing them in, it’ll try to auto complete them for  you, so even long links can quickly and easily be ‘typed’.

Anthem Cyber Attack Info

In response to questions regarding the Anthem Cyber Attack yesterday, Empire BCBS who is a subsidiary of Anthem, has provided the attached letter and FAQ’s.  They have been posted at and are also posted below.  All Plan participants will be receiving a copy of this via US mail directly from Empire.  They expect to be mailing it within the next few days.  All participants who have registered on the Funds’ website and are currently enrolled in Plan A or Plan C will receive this via e-mail from us.


ION Console Training @ ETC on Sept 8-10

Ion Console Training
September 8-10 at ETC in Middleton
ETC’s Ion lighting control system provides simple and approachable programming and control for conventional systems as well as fully integrated lighting rigs. Join us at the home of ETC in Middleton, WI, to learn more about the features and functions of this amazing control system.
A tour of ETC’s amazing manufacturing facilities is included with this training event (will take place on September 8).
The ETC Education Center is providing the following exciting learning opportunities for lighting professionals to learn more about the Ion console:
Level 1: Essentials
 Sept. 8, 2014
9:00 – 5:00
Level 2: Enhanced Skills            
 Sept. 9, 2014                      
9:00 – 5:00
Level 3: Expert Topics
Sept. 10, 2014
9:00 – 5:00
You can register for one of these sessions or all, depending on your needs and experience level. 
For more information and to register, visit the course site at
There is a 25% discount for Local 251 members ($75.00 per day instead of $99.00).  Just register online and enter the discount code “ETCguest” at checkout.
If you have any questions about the training event or would like assistance with your registration, please contact Amy Russell ( , 608-824-5186).