If you haven’t worked for a particular production company or a venue before, it is a good idea to bring along a completed set of paperwork.

You’ll also need to bring along documents to establish your identity for the I-9 form. Most people bring along the following:

  • Your US Passport or Passport Card
  • Your Drivers License or ID Card card issued by a State AND Your Social Security Card

You need to bring the originals for them to be reviewed by the person collecting your paperwork. For a complete list of acceptable documents, please look at the I-9 Form (download link) from the IRS.

Overture Center Stagehand New Hire Paperwork 2013 [download] 
This will need to be completed when you work at the Overture Center.

DP Processing LLC (formerly Pachexs, LLC) New Hire Paperwork 2014 [download]
This will need to be filled out for a variety of different venues if they are being used for payroll. They are typically used for Kohl Center Conversions, other UW events, and concerts (if not being produced by Frank Productions).

Frank Productions New Hire Paperwork 2012 [download]
This will need to be completed for events at the Alliant Energy Center produced by Frank Productions and for events at the Orpheum Theater.

Milwaukee [download]
If you are working in Milwaukee, you’ll need to fill out this paperwork if you haven’t already.

Local 18 also asks that you bring the ID that the Department of Homeland Security will accept. A list is included in the packet titles “Lists of Acceptable Documents”, and they are not to complete the employer section, section 2 page 8 of the I-9.