After the Anthem Hacking, Be Aware of Phishing Scams

Hackers are already sending official looking emails (ie. they look like they are from Anthem, but aren’t) in a phishing scam to get more personal data from people. The emails will usually contain a link to take you to a website that will then ask for personal data. Don’t click the link. Even if you don’t do anything but click the link, just visiting their website may be enough to infect your computer.

Here’s an article with more details on what to watch for:

A very simple precaution to take when you receive emails from your bank, insurance companies, etc is to never click on any links in the email to “log in to their website.” If you need to log in to their website, type in their URL or go to the website using a URL you know, instead of the one supplied in the email. Yes, most of the emails are probably legit and contain safe links, but the phishing emails will look almost identical to the real email with the small change of where the link takes you. Be safe and type in your own URLs and save them as favorites or bookmarks. Typing them in is very easy, and (I know for a fact this works with Chrome) if they are bookmarks and you start typing them in, it’ll try to auto complete them for  you, so even long links can quickly and easily be ‘typed’.

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