Overture Hall Orientation and Basic Theater Class

Come and learn how to get around Overture Hall, and pick up some basic and important theater knowledge.

Overture Hall’s Master Carpenter, Dave Gershbach and Master Electrician, Gary Cleven will be leading a general orientation of Overture Hall and teaching some basic skills that will help you be a successful stage hand when working in Overture Hall.

If you’ve ever wondered what the “Gary” room is or how to get to the catwalks come and find out.

Class is February 26th at 6pm in Overture

To register please contact Dominic Stryker at dominicstryker1@gmail.com.

There is no charge for this class.

This class is for people who have little experience in the theater and specifically Overture Hall but are interested in being prepared when the opportunity to work in Overture Hall arises.

Please spread the word!!

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